Do not sleep calm is Symptoms of a Dangerous Disease

There is no doubt that comfortably helps to improve the health of human beings, even helping them to do everything.

But peace and full sleep, where people are mentally tensed, it makes humans even more secure.

Although experts have previously said that sleep deficiency can cause humans to suffer from
diabetes, such as blood pressure.

Now a brief study has shown that calm sleepers become more dangerous or over-aged.

According to an investigation report published in the Health
Journal'Science Transaction Medicine' (STM), a brief study from American experts have shown that calm sleep shortage proved dangerous for people and more people.

 Are The results of research conducted by the experts of the Washington University of Medicine showed that calmness is more likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease.

According to the report, disrupting sleep, not sleeping or sleeping sleep, people with over 60 years and older are immediately affected and they have to face mental problems and diseases initially.

According to the report, more people who do not sleep calmly sleep lose memories after sleeping constantly after sleeping and then they become Alzheimer's.

According to the report, 160 people were also jerked for specialists during research.

Volunteers' sleep review showed that those who do not sleep or sleep at all, become less vulnerable to mental illnesses, which later turn into Alzheimer's.

The report did not mention anything about the lack of sleep in the youth or not sleeping on them. it was told that millions of Americans suffering from mental illness after becoming unsatisfactory become Alzheimer's every year.

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