Palm Milk Help to Avoid Flu in Cold?

Palm milk to avoid Flu in upcoming winter
As the days are passing, winter is coming and diseases also increasing,  such as a cough, nausea, and Flu. But don't worry Palm milk avoids Flu in Cold. Everyone Suffering from Flu and looks upset In winter, We have to face more infections because our Diet is not perfect.

what to eat when you have a cold.

  1. Hot Liquid like Chicken Soup, Tea
  2. Fruits like apple and grapes
  3. Palm milk help to avoid Flu

what to avoid Eat.

  1. Ice Cream
  2. Caffeine and alcohol 
Because these are dehydrating our body so avoid them.

Many doctors believe it is a positive Sign to include palm oil in your diet this season. But instead of using palm in sweet dishes.

Palm is full of nutrition, which has many positive effects on health, whether there are problems related to the system, heart health or depression problem.

And do you know that palm is also effective in cool weather?

Yes, palm milk help to avoid flu in cold because Palm contains vitamins such as vitamins C, B1, B2, B3 B4, B5, and A3. Vitamins C can protect our body from multiple infections, which include diseases such as Flu. Palm milk can also be the biggest solution to such diseases because it also contains Fibers with vitamins.

Learn Palm milk Recipe How it Makes.

Palm milk to avoid Flu in winter

How to make palm milkshake at home?

Recipe Ingredients:

  1. Milk - 2cups
  2. Palm-Chopped half cup
  3. Almonds -One-to-One Spoon
  4. Cinnamon Powder-Half Tea Spoon
  5. Suger-depend own taste


Put palm in half a cup of milk for 40 minutes, then put these palm and milk in the blender, along with
almonds. After grinding it, grind it separately, put in thin milk boiled, after which it add pudding palm, cook fine sugar powder and sugar to cook well for 5 minutes. Warm hot palm milk so that a cough feels a clear difference.Must Watch this.

How to make Datemilk Shake at Home.

Question and Answer about palm milk and Palm oil.

Palm oil is bad for you?

No, if you maintain the balance of palm oil in food. Palm oil is higher Saturated fat than other Vegetable oil Study Say that if you use Palm oil in your small part of Diet this is not Harmful to health so Now we Compare the amount of saturated fat.

                                    Canola oil                                                   Saturated Fat
                                                        1 Tablespoon = 1 Grams
                                    Olive oil                                                      Saturated Fat
                                                        1 Tablespoon = 1.9 Grams
                                    Palm oil                                                      Saturated Fat
                                                        1 Tablespoon = 11.8 Grams