The common used Drinks responsible for Kidney failure, disease and kidney pain

Sweet fruit drinks, can use more of the kidney diseases, this is that which was already known, but now you also know that drinking more than one drink a deadly disease can suffer.

In fact, drinking too much tea is also moved to the risk of  kidney disorders.

The warning came in medical research in America .Kidney diseases silent signs 13

John Hopkins University study of more than 3,000 men and women drinking different drinks reviewed the impact of the setup.

Fruit drinks and sweet drinks that code results, one of the major causes of kidney diseases and 61% of individuals most at risk.

But researchers were surprised to learn that drinking too much tea can kidney diseases. According to the researchers, an adjunct of insulin resistance, high blood pressure or sugar in drinks such as
the risk of problems over time, plus pressure on kidney and the train seems to grow gradually.

Researchers said the Chinese drinks such as different diseases such as an adjunct of the person avoid today, blood pressure, diabetes, and diseases connected with growing may help protect them from being.

Before it reached the front in various medical reports that 95% of the entering the body through food salt part kidney metabolism the more Salty items will eat snacks if the
kidney will have to work hard for the additional salts, 

which As a result, will reduce kidney functions. Similarly, the Chinese also used high blood pressure and diabetes, as an adjunct, causes diseases and all three of the most important elements of the kidney are

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