Brazil's twin sisters head separated after operation

twin child,connected head,

Doctors in Brazil separated the head of twins while performing a successful operation.

According to the Daily Mail report, two-year-old  Child head connected when he born, doctors have done their successful operation and separated their head, doctors conducted four times.

Debora, Mother of two-year-old sister, says she was very upset for 18 months and hoped that one day her daughters would be able to spend normal life, which could be possible.

After Successful Operation

Debora has said that I am very happy that my daughters can spend a normal life, they have regarded the practice of doctors as magic.

The children's scan report states that there was something unusual between them, the blood of the head was overflowing during the operation, which they collected in a vessel and then transferred the children to the ward after a successful operation.

Debora said that I am not sure whether their stomach is small or not, but doctors have declared them healthy after successful surgery.

The doctors were also assisted from overseas countries for successful operation, according to the report, the twin sisters were operated in November last year.