A few facts about anemia, which must be known for everyone

A few facts about anemia, which must be known for everyone

Blood deficiency in the body or anemia, in fact, is said to reduce the blood red cells in the body that
work oxygen.

This disease is born to some people, also known as thalassemia, but most people are such that suffer from iron or vitamin B12 due to lack it.

In fact, it is the most common disease in blood diseases that affect millions of Pakistanis every ear.

Knowing a few facts about this disease can help with its symptoms and treatments.

The most common type of anemia 

The body needs iron to make hemoglobin, the hemoglobin in the blood cells that help oxygen delivery, but lack of iron is the most common type of diarrhea, resulting in a lack of iron. Bloodoccurs during blood cells and leaves the urine out of the iron exhaust.

There is also a stomachache when it happens. The effects of anemia, which are due to lack of
vitamins, are similar to it. Vitamins B12 and Fleet are also essential for the blood cells to become red
blood cells and lack of vitamins also cause blood loss. The reasons for the reduction in the body of
iron or vitamins are difficult to absorb or absorb them for the body.

A few facts about anemia, which must be known for everyone

All symptoms of anemia should be taken seriously

There may be 400 different causes of blood loss, such as low-consumption of green leafy vegetables
blood cancer or bonus problems. Minor anemia maybe one of the earliest symptoms of serious illness, which is affecting the process of blood cells that is possible to control the symptoms of blood
a loss but never ignore them.

Why is blood loss fatigue?

So due to this, oxygen deficiency in the body, why your system is not healthy, the tissue of anemia is not found in a proper amount of oxygen, resulting in a headache, headache, respiratory knee and
fatigue. Symptoms appear. Due to a severe decrease in blood, people face difficulties from these symptoms but these symptoms are not very significant in minor deficiency, which often does not
diagnose the disease.

Reduction of blood can cause ice to taste

The most unusual sign of blood loss, ice cube, food souvenirs, pencil or dry paint appears in the form
of food. Medical experts are still unable to know why this strange thing in patients makes a wish for
chewing but they say it is a very common habit of anemia.

Diagnosis from a normal blood test is possible

Although symptoms can be difficult from symptoms, its the test is very simple, the doctor analyzes the compound blood counts (CBC) by taking blood samples, which is seen in the red blood cells and the blood of hemoglobin in the blood. Is. Both of this proportion is determined by whether it is healthy or lack of blood. According to the U.S. Mio Clinic, adult men’s blood contains about 40 to 52% of red blood cells (the remaining the amount is plasma), in the same manner, the average female is up to 35 to 47%

Reduction of blood is more common in developing countries

About 25% of the worldwide population of approximately 2 billion people are affected by anemia, of which 50% of cases are resulting in a lack of iron. This disease is more common in developed countries, where food problem comes, most of the cases of anemia around the world contain moderate or minor blood deficiency and may not prove to be more dangerous (if any And the disease is not hidden)

A few facts about anemia, which must be known for everyone

The amazing advantage of anemia

Low amount of iron in the body creates an unexpected effect, that is difficult to spread for infection. Often bacteria rely on iron for strengthening and spreading and when there is an iron deficiency in the body, it is possible that the bacteria die before converting into a dangerous infection.

According to medical research reports, people suffering from iron decrease the risk of malaria, tuberculosis and respiratory diseases. Iron deficiency can also increase the likelihood of HIV prevention while also reducing the risk of cancer (requires the iron to spread even cancer cells like bacteria)

Emma is more likely in pregnant women

The risk of bleeding in pregnant women is the highest, according to the World Health Organization, Anemia is a victim of 40% of pregnant women worldwide. Pregnant women’s body naturally causes 20 to 30% of blood to give oxygen to the baby, but often it does not prove sufficient to maintain healthy blood cells and hemoglobin levels in mother’s body. That is why most pregnant omens are advised to use iron supplements so that children can avoid birth defects and complications do not occur during maternity

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