Fruits Calories Chart


Dried fruit is considered a perfect substitute for fresh fruit. Sometimes, it’s harder to obtain dried fruit(reasons include: inappropriate weather and place). Therefore, dried versions of fresh fruits work well, in providing you the calories and benefits you require, to their fullest.  A dried copy of fresh fruit- the dried fruit- offers the same taste, … Read more

Massage vs Stretching

Massage vs Stretching

Which is healthier Massage or stretching? An overview of Massage vs stretching is: Massage receives, stretching takes; Massage relieves pain, stretching reduces the chance of injury; Massage therapy requires certification, but anyone can stretch. No matter how active you are, a regular dose of both activities may bring great results and health benefits. This was the comparison; … Read more

Fat vs Muscle

Fat vs Muscle- Comparison

There is a typical confusion in fat vs. muscle plan: “muscle weighs more than fat!” Right? Wrong!!  How can you say so? A kilo is a kilo, whether it’s muscle or fat! In actuality, you get confused between the densities of fat and muscle; a kilo of muscle is denser, hence, takes less space than a kilo … Read more

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Are you an athlete or a sportsman experiencing stress, fatigue with high energy demand! Or you are a patient recovering from an injury or most probably a woman distressed with the daily work routine?  Get a Massage! Your body and workouts are disserved. And deep tissue massage therapy will be the best solution to your … Read more

Cat Weight Chart by Age in kg & lb

Male and female persian cat weight chart in kg ib

It isn’t easy to keep your eyes on cat weight if you give extra food and treats to your cat. But it’s so important to work toward a healthy cat weight because obesity and overweight affect the human body, the same rule goes for cats. Obese and Chubby Cats face Numerous Health Problems: Cat Weight … Read more