Cat Breed Chart

cat breeds chart

Talking about domestic species, the list starts with cats. It is a small-sized carnivorous mammal. There is a unique, loving relationship between humans and cats. Cat’s ability to kill Rodents and friendly nature with humans become the main reasons for developing this domestic relationship. Let’s discuss the Cat Breed Chart and other valuable information in … Read more

Cat Vomit Color Chart

cat vomit color chart

All cat owners are familiar with the sound of ‘glurk’ because this dreaded sound means that your cat has to vomit. When your cat vomits, you don’t have to rush to the doctor for urgent treatment but yes, it is important to concern about the type of vomit your cat did. That’s why Cat Vomit … Read more

Cat Ear Positions Chart

cat ear positions chart

While cats may appear complicated creatures to some people, others believe that knowing a cat is as simple as paying attention. Cats are highly emotional creatures. They are skilled communicators who employ various techniques to ‘speak’ to humans and animals. Cats communicate their thoughts and feelings through their ear’s placement, body language, and vocalizations. Understanding … Read more

Cat Sleeping Positions Chart

cat sleeping positions chart

Do you know cats sleep around 18 hours in a day, or more if they are old and grumpy?  If you’ve had the cat for years, you’d know that they sleep in multiple positions, even though some of them seem pretty strange. The sleeping positions and behaviors arise from the social tendencies and bonds they … Read more

Maine Coon Growth Chart

Maine coon growth chart

The Maine Coon is an enormous breed of cat that has a robust, muscular, and athletic build that is commensurate with its towering stature. They have enormous ears that point forward and are carried in a wide and tall position, and their countenance conveys intelligence. hair that is long and dense, and it is made … Read more