Are you brushing your teeth wrong today?

Are you brushing your teeth wrong today?

Otherwise, cleaning your teeth is one of the most important habits on which people practice childhood when you have no problem with breath and gums in a breath.

But have you done brush today wrongly?

This claim has emerged in a medical study in the US. In the research of the Center for Disease Control and Prohibition (CDC), thousands of teeth cleaning of the teens were reviewed.

Research has been discovered that most people are accustomed to using toothpaste in large
quantities. If you think that too much toothpaste is much better then that, then the research was warned that this the habit was harmful.

According to research, fluoride is very high in a lesser extent, when dental development is not complete, it can damage the dental level. This means that the teeth can fly and there is a strange change. Fluoride is a chemical that is present in nutrients, drinking water and toothpaste, which helps to control dental disorder and strengthen them.

But much of it is harmful.

Research also found that most people once again dental in the day, while medical experts have
advised brushing twice and nights in the morning. In research, parents were advised to monitor the child’s dental treatment process and do not allow them to be used in excessive amounts.

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