Avoid eating these things before sleeping.

Medical experts say that there should be no food for 2 hours before the time of sleeping time so that the system can not affect the effects of physiology or any other physical system.

Avoid eating these things before sleeping.

However, it can not be denied that the desire to eat some the time before sleeping in the night is often produced within people.
What can be desired now is different in every person, however, the use of the following items can reduce your sleep before sleeping, while the next day can also be damaged due to drowsiness.

Fried foods.

Fat foods fried slightly before sleeping at night, the food system passes through a slow diet, due to this, the body has to work hard to try to sleep. According to research, if we do not want to put our system digestive engine hard in sleep, then fried things should be avoided before eating.

Spicy Items.

Use of stiff or pepper spicy before sleeping increases the risk of stomaching the gastrointestinal and causing chest to become impossible. But as well, these nutrients cause the emission of chemicals called Histamine, resulting in sleeping difficult for the body, it is not necessary to tell what may result in a bad sleep.


The caffeine in the chocolate flows away from the brain. enough Coffee is more caffeine than chocolate and drinks it before sleeping, you can force it to change for a long time.

French fries.

Sleep is important for our health, so avoid avoiding habits that affect its quality; Avoid eating food French fries a few hours before sleep, which causes a high amount of fat due to which The body’s attention is more than digestive instead of sleep, whereas the chances of burning in the chest also increase.


Tea is black, milk or green, all caffeine is present, which results in the same effect that can be used by chocolate or coffee.

Pop Corner.

it may be hard to see the hand while watching TV before sleeping, but it is difficult to stop hand when pop in front of the bed, but it should be avoided before sleeping because it contains the amount of salt which is overnight. Thirst increases, which affects sleep.

Bakery chips.

These chips are greasy, fat and salt-rich, which increases the chances of burning in the chest and may also have to be consumed in the night, before sleeping, it makes it hard to digest them even for the body.


It is also a fat and fatty diet that proves heavy for systems while the risk of burning in the chest increases, the body needs to calm down before sleeping and when the body is engaged in digestion Crashes to have to change.

Baked Meat.

There are amino acids called Tryptophan present in the meat that makes an obligation to make it ideal for eating before sleeping, but in research, it has been discovered that the amount of a protein present in it reduces the access to the Tryptophan for the brain. Which can affect sleep?


Of course, drinking water is essential for health, especially before sleeping, most people like to drink water, but according to medical experts, use of an adequate amount of water throughout the day is sufficient, but most people consider excessive water Drinking before sleeping for sleeping, resulting in they have to wash the washroom, which causes sleep to fall.

ice cream.

Alce cream, especially coffee-ice cream, has coffee-like caffeine, which causes sleep to fly, even if it is necessary for food to eat, even after eating gold or eating things, sleeping with caffeine.

Energy Drinks.

Usually, such drinks contain caffeine, they should avoid drinking before bed.

Soft drinks.

The bubbles present in these beverages can cause abortion and force them to change the rate of cigarettes, the acidity in the beverage affects the surface of the dentist, prefer water before sleep but not in large quantities.

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