Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the day

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Health is more dependent on nutritional food. So morning breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be a healthy diet. The three-day meal is very important for the whole day. The idea of an American writer Adelaide Davis is enough to raise the importance of nutrition:

“Breakfast as a king, lunch. Eat like a prince and dinner as a laborer.”

People who have nutritious breakfast, are always energetic all day. People who do not have breakfast or their breakfast are unhealthy They are generally tired, mental stress and nervous.

Life has become very fast at the present time. Completion of goals, a lot of work and extremely limited time for them, due to all these things, we all often suffer from mental stress and this pressure makes a negative impact on our health.

In order to cope with mental stress when human pressure increases, the human body extends two different hormones.When mental stress increases so the human brain excreta two Hormones ADRENALIN and CORTISOL for decrease Stree. If this pressure persists, man can be old before time. You will never really want to get older or stay permanently tired Because in this case, you may suffer from any disease. If the body produces more hormones, the result may appear in the form of laziness.

Now the question is that what should I eat in breakfast?

You always have breakfast that is full of nutrition, such as milk, egg, yogurt, and fruit. eggs, milk, dairy, are also the best way to achieve Vitamin B.This also helps in eliminating mental stress. Egg and yogurt contain amino acid.T his acid creates a chemical component called “serotonin” in the human brain. It is said about the ingredients that it controls the emotions of anger and depression, and its high level is a source of Happiness.
the reason is that this called happy hormone. Items made from wheat and corn, such as bread etc., which include are fiber and starch.

These items control blood sugar levels, which does not cause fatigue and our attention focuses on their Work. According to modern research, taking more quantity of protein in breakfast does not seem hungry for a long time.

Some Habits are Responsible For Laziness.

Late Breakfast.

If you do not feel hungry after morning, review your diet habits, possibly you will eat some or more for the night at night. Even if you do not feel hungry, it is better to eat something when you wake up, eat an apple or banana would have to be done by body metabolism.

  • Fatt less milk
  • Artificial Suger and juices
  • Tea  

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