Cat Weight Chart in kg by Age 2020

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It is very difficult to keep your eyes on cat weight if you give them extra food and treats to your cat.

Don’t worry Cat weight chart helps you to know your Cat ideal weight and you can easily spot the overweight or obese cat.

Obesity or overweight affects the human body and the same rules apply on Cats. Obese Cat face some health problems like

  • Pain in body
  • Joints problems
  • Skin infection

Before you start checking Charts first check you cat weight with your fingertips what how?

When you put your hand on the cat and feel rips and Shoulder bones it’s mean your cat are underweight and needs more healthy food.

So now check chart but keep in mind Weight value in kg and cat weight by age

Persian Cat Weight Chart by Age

persian cat weight chart

Cat Weight Chart by Age in kg

cat-weight-chart-by-age in kg

Norwegian Forest Cat Weight Chart

norwegian forest cat weight chart by age in kg-lbs


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