Cat Ear Positions Chart

cat ear positions chart

While cats may appear complicated creatures to some people, others believe that knowing a cat is as simple as paying attention. Cats are highly emotional creatures. They are skilled communicators who employ various techniques to ‘speak’ to humans and animals. Cats communicate their thoughts and feelings through their ear’s placement, body language, and vocalizations. Understanding … Read more

Cat Sleeping Positions Chart

cat sleeping positions chart

Do you know cats sleep around 18 hours in a day, or more if they are old and grumpy?  If you’ve had the cat for years, you’d know that they sleep in multiple positions, even though some of them seem pretty strange. The sleeping positions and behaviors arise from the social tendencies and bonds they … Read more

Siamese Color Chart

British shorthair colours chart

The Siamese breeding color points are the breed’s defining characteristic as well as its primary selling point. Because of their unique coloring, Siamese cats are quite popular in many parts of the world. It has been naturalized in more than 30 different Siamese cat coat colors, despite the fact that most cat specialists and associations … Read more

Cat Tail Language Chart

cat tail language chart

Cats’ tails reveal their thoughts. Cat tail language charts simplify for humans what is happening in a cat’s head, it shows mood. Observe your cat’s behavior to learn the tail’s stories.  Cats’ ears, eyes, body posture, and tails reveal their thoughts and feelings. “Listen” to cat tail language. Even though solving cat behavior might be … Read more

Cat Poop Chart

Cat poop chart - colors meaning

You shouldn’t throw away your cat’s stool. Cat poop chart can reveal a great deal about their health and even say illnesses such as their vomit colors. Healthy cat stools are smooth and sausage-shaped. Your cat is doing well, so keep up the good work. If your cat’s stool seems to be runny, the poop … Read more