Maine Coon Color Chart

Maine coon color chart

The abundant fur that covers the Main coone’s coat makes these magnificent animals appear much more imposing than they already are due to their massive bone structure. Their long, velvety coat is flawless all over and begins to get shorter as it approaches the shoulders.   There is a wide range of coloration and patterning available … Read more

Maine Coon Weight Chart

maine coon weight chart

You have purchased a beautiful Maine coon cat but don’t know if your cat is healthy or not? Don’t worry we have got you covered. Maine coon cat is referred to as ‘the gentle giant’ because of its larger appearance and is native to North America, the state of Maine. They have a thick layer … Read more

Maine Coon Growth Chart

Maine coon growth chart

The Maine Coon is an enormous breed of cat that has a robust, muscular, and athletic build that is commensurate with its towering stature. They have enormous ears that point forward and are carried in a wide and tall position, and their countenance conveys intelligence. hair that is long and dense, and it is made … Read more