Common habits that cause kidney diseases

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Kidneys are like an anonymous hero in our body. Those who remove crude and extra ingredients also control salt, potassium and acid levels, The blood pressure on the normal, the amount of vitamin D in the body increases.

But kidney diseases are painful.

Symptoms of kidney damage are quite obvious, however, people have suffered a lot of damage as far as they pay attention to them. And the sad thing is that most people give kidney diseases due to their own habits or inexpensive, which are apparently disadvantaged, but they can not be able to control.

Let talk about Some Habits.

Stop urine or Pee.

If you often stop urine then the result of which increases the number of bacteria in the kidney, Regardless of this habit, it comes to serious consequences such as kidney infections and urine infertility.

Sitting too much

Physically active helps keep blood pressure and glucose levels at the normal level. And these two Habits are very important to keep the kidneys healthy, Too Much Sitting  increases the risk of kidney disease to 30 percent, For example, if you spend more than 8 hours sitting at the chair for a day, kidney health destroy very quickly, To avoid this, exercise at least 2 to 3 times in a Single weak and enjoy a walk.

Lack of sleep.

The good sleep of the night is not only beneficial for mental health, but it is also essential for the kidneys, The gold and the wake of the cycle helps regulate the kidney function, the tissues of the kidney renew when we Sleep. If there is a shortage of sleep, the risk of kidney damage increases.

Using Dieting Drinks.

According to medical experts, there is a connection between the use of dietary drinks and kidney diseases, An investigation was discovered that women use diabetes drinks 2 or more times a day, their kidney functions decrease significantly.

Eating too much red meat

Making too much red meat increases the number of acids in the blood, due to which the kidneys do not balance the hydrogen in the body, With the passage of time,  This habit cause kidneys disorders.

Eat Junk food or Fast foods.

Most of the processor’s Food contains salt, which is not only harmful to the heart but also causes kidney problems When you eat more salty food. So extra extraction of salt in the body becomes a problem. Increasing the risk of kidneys Stone.


If you think smoking effect only lungs then think again because of medical research that smoking increases the risk of kidney cancer up to 40 percent, Smoking badly effect on blood vessels and also increases high blood pressure.

Do not drink the proper amount of water.

According to research, decrease water level in the body, kidneys are unable to filter the poisonous material in the blood, and the waste responsible for the kidney failure. Research suggests that Drink water is an easy way to protect kidney diseases, especially middle-aged people should take care of it.

Uses of pain killer tablets.

Pain killer Direct effect on the kidney. Use pain killer when you feel pain but avoid using them too much.

Do not control physical weight.

It is not surprising that excess body weight increases pressure on internal organs, it increases the risk of Diabetes Type 2.

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