Dangers of wearing shoes in the house

Dangers of wearing shoes in the house

You have often seen that shoes used to wear outside in Some Countries are not worn or worn inside the homes.

In fact, shoes are removed before entering into the inner parts of the houses, and because of course, it is a matter of cleanliness, but this habit helps to prevent different diseases.

This is a medical study in the United States.

Dangers of wearing shoes in the houseArizona University’s research said that if you have small children at home, avoid wearing the shoes inside the house, avoid rotating but prevent your guests from doing it.

Research suggests that wearing the shoes inside the house spreads the bacteria that can be harmful to health.

Especially those children who walk on the floor are more vulnerable to those bacteria.

According to the research, it would not be a big problem for a healthy adult person but must be careful whenever there is a child at home.

According to researchers, wavelength particles including bacteria increase the risk of dangerous infections or diseases due to the spread of the floor.

Millions of bacteria are present in square-inch in common shoes. Earlier, another research was told that the system sticks down to 96% bacteria which cause respiratory and gestational diseases
due to the use of public washrooms or animal waste.

This way, these bacteria reach a long distance by settling a long-distance and
polluting the place cause spreading diseases.

Dangers of wearing shoes in the houseSimilarly, germs that cause urinary gastric infections also reach homes through shoes,
whereas bacteria such as systemic respiratory diseases, pneumonia, and other bacteria are
similarly similar.

Furthermore, it has been reported that bringing out outerwear shoes increase from 99% to the next
year, the bacteria will move to the home floor that increases the risk of diseases.

By removing it, various chemicals and poisonous materials can also pollute the homes through roads
and other places outside these places.

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