Delicious fruit Keep always away from blood pressure.

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Delicious fruit Keep always away from blood pressure.

Blood pressure is a silent murderer, which is also very common, during which blood vessels and critical organs the increase, resulting in the risk of life-threatening diseases such as heart attack and fluid.

But daily eating only one banana can prevent you from getting a high blood pressure.

It came in a UK medical study.

According to the research of the blood pressure the UK, the fruit is very fruitful with banana potassium, which helps to balance the negative effects of the body on the body.

Potassium is a part that helps physical functions to be done properly, and according to research, 3 to 4 banana foods are enough to reduce the risk of eating in the blood pressure.

Delicious fruit Keep always away from blood pressure.

Banana is also a good source of carbohydrate and vitamins B secs, while the system is better, which can also, help keep blood pressure in control.

Earlier in this study, a claim came out that only a banana can be used to save daily food from a heart attack and fluid.

The study of the Alabama University of Alabama Alabama states that potassium-rich foods can be helpful in protecting blood vessels or to kill blood.

Breaking the bones increases the risk of heart attack or stroke in any person.

Delicious fruit Keep always away from blood pressure.
This research is said that potassium regulates the genes that care for the elasticity of the brain.
During this research, the nutrients were used mostly to mice, less or less, or more potassium.

The results showed that low potassium foods were more severe and irritable, while more potassium increased the elasticity of the patient, while hardness also decreased.

Researchers say that eating habits of a banana daily can also be helpful in preventing fluid and heart attack.

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