Does the food Chewing sound increase anger?

Does the food Chewing sound increase anger?

If you have a hair pane button repeatedly pressed on a friend’s finger or repeatedly angered someone else, then you are not a single person but this is a common problem for some people.

But what is the reason? His secret has finally been opened.

The claim came in a medical study in Britain. According to the University of Newcastle, some people are different from other people regarding the sensitivity of sound sounds and specific voices
cause anger or other emotions within them, which is a mental illness.

The researchers called it the name of misophonia, that sounds like hatred, people chewing, hair pinned, collided with the floor, or some other kind of sound experience and negative feelings.

People in this regard have complained about a long time and those who do not experience it seem ridiculous but the doctors have now discovered their secret.

During this research, over 40 people were experimental, twenty of them were victims of Phonia and were heard by various voices. The results of both groups were very different and the response to the victims of the victims of Antioxidants.

According to the research, in those parts of those people, there are visible connections that analyze the information and emotions, whereas their heart rate increased and sweat.

Researchers say it was really a disease that was not given to the first medical world but our research proves that these sounds change the mind of some people. He once said that the sounds of movement in mind can be used for treatment, but now there is more work in this regard. This research was published in the Journal of Journalist Biography Biology.

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