Eat Banana at night good are bad? effective for body? 2020

Banana is one of the best fruits for human health, but one question comes in my mind  Eat Banana at night good are bad?

lt is a potassium-rich fruit that is effective for the poor stomach. Banana helps maintains blood pressure level

it is helpful to save control from fiber intestine functions, while it is also beneficial to increase physical energy.

Eat Banana at night good are bad

But do you know that bananas are said in some countries that it should not be consumed in the night
because it may suffer from cardiovascular disease and a cough or may cause these symptoms to worsen?

But is this really true “Eat Banana at night good are bad?”

Eat Banana at night good are bad

According to medical experts, this impression is not correct and nutrition can be eaten at any time in the day.

However, before eating it should be avoided Sleeping because it takes a long time to digestive and it may result in sleeping affecting your mood the next morning.

Banan before bed Magnesium is present in a banana if 10 you eat it before 2 or 3 hours Sleeping it helps in good sleep.

Warning after reading banana benefits doesn’t start eating too much if increasing the amount of magnesium in the body, which can be extremely harmful to your heart.

So change your banana eating habit.

There is enough controversy about whether it is really possible or not, but if nails are eaten with
other nutrients, experts do not consider it harmful again.

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Note: This article is for general information.
Readers also consult your physician in this regard.

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