Essential diet that can help to live longer .

Essential diet that can help to live longer .

If the amount of fiber in your diet is inadequate, the risk of early death will increase greatly.

This is medical research conducted by the World Health Organization.

Research suggests that people who use excessive nutritious nutrients, reduce the risk of early death to one third.
Similarly, heart-attack, fluid, diabetes type-2-or intestinal cancer reduces the risk of such individuals by 25%. Fruit, bread, bread, and bourgeoisie system is very
important for digestion and the stomach 

According to researchers, the use of fast or processed the food is very high in today’s day, which is usually not included in fiber and that is why the body’s lack of deficiency.

Essential diet that can help to live longer .

He said that the results showed that fiber is a unique and important part and it t is necessary to use at least 30 grams a day, which reduces death risk by 24 percent for any reason.

Research states that those who make 35-gram fiber component body daily reduces the risk of early death by one third or 33 percent.

“The results of this researches were published in the”

Medical Journal of the Lawnets Medical Journal.

Previously, it has been reported in the past that fried foods are beneficial for people to grow in various diseases and disabilities.

According to Australian research, the effects of fiber is so significant that its use results in up to 80 percent increase of 10 years of age.
Frozen foods make a significant difference in healthy aging during research.
Furthermore, research suggests that the use of such nutrients reduce the risk of diseases such as depression, psychiatric, cancer, epilepsy, fiber, and

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