Fruit Calories Chart

Calories is fuel for Body. Calories are used when we Walk, Eat , and Sleep.Body make muscles with the help of calories and it will help to make strong bones.

Every food has some amount of calories. Nutritional specialists are measure food calories in 100grams. Like!

  • Apple Calories per 100g: 52 Calories
  • Banana Calories 100g: 89 Calories
  • Mango Calories 100g: 60 Calories
  • Avocado Calories 100g: 160 Calories
  • Dragon fruit Calories 100g: 102 Calories
  • Cherries Calories 100g: 50 Calories
  • Black Grapes Calories 100g:57 Calories

So you can easily know the Calories of any fruit in this Fruit Calories Chart

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