Helpful fruit in Deficiency of blood.

Helpful fruit in Deficiency of blood.
Blood deficiency in the body or anemia, in fact, is said to reduce the red blood cells in the body that work oxygen.
In this disease, red blood cells decrease Hemoglobin that causes oxygen in different parts of the body, hemoglobin i is the part that gives red blood to the blood. That is, in order to save the body from the lack of blood, it is necessary to maintain the level of hemoglobin properly because it can cause severe fatigue and weakness as well as anemia.
And there is no need to say that the use of iron-rich foods is very important to avoid hemoglobin deficiency, which is part of the role of blood cells with the production of hemoglobin.
Blood loss is a problem with 8 out of every 10 people. According to an estimated World Health Organization, 80 percent of the world’s population faces iron deficiency, especially in pregnant women, this risk is very high.
For adult people, the amount of daily iron also has been suggested, such as 8 mm for men and 18 ml for women, however, in women after 50 years of age, this amount is 8mm gram. But do you know that most changes in blood deficiency are possible to control laser nutrition? Learn about the fruits and their drinks here that help increase the red blood cells.

Date fruit.

Pour meal is the Sunnah on the Prophet, an effective source of palm food addiction is an effective source, while it increases the iron level, which helps reduce the shortage of blood. However, regarding dietary use, diabetes patients need caution.


Pomegranate is one of the finest fruits to remove blood loss, which contains iron, vitamins A, C, and E, increase iron in the Ascorbic acid body present in it, reducing blood deficiency, daily Drinking a glass of juice can prove to be the best solution.


Banana is rich with Iron, which triggers the process of becoming hemoglobin in blood is also a good source of iron acids with iron, which is essential for the blood cells to become blood cells.


It is said that an apple keeps the daily doctor away, how much it is in fact, in spite of this, the fruit is absolutely iron-rich, which accelerates the process of becoming hemoglobin; daily an apple food cannot be used to prevent blood loss or Helps to remove.

Dry plum.

Dry plum also get extremely effective in reducing blood deficiency, they are full of vitamins C and iron that help increase hemoglobin, as well as magnesium in them also help in this way, Magnesium helps in oxygen delivery in the body.


iron does not completely absorb without the help of vitamin C in the body and it is not necessary to say that Malta is full of vitamins, so that a malta meal may be the best fit for removing the daily diet I in this season.

Banana and apple drinks.

There is a beverage made from apple and bananas that helps to control obesity and increase the iron level in the body. For this, take a banana, one apple, one meal spoon, honey, and half a glass, take a cup of banana and cut it, after which the apple will be cut into pieces with peas. Now add them to juice and add spoon honey and then add milk and mix all the ingredients well. If you like this drink, then add more milk to it and blend it. Just drink it out of the glass and use this beverage to help cope with the problem of blood deficiency in a short time.
Note: This article is for general information. Readers also
consult your physician in this regard.

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