How many bananas can one person eat in a day?

How many bananas can one person eat in a day?

Banana is one of the most liked fruits in the world, and according to the UN, around 18 million tonnes of nutrients are consumed every year worldwide.

This fruit is full of potassium and it also provides magnesium, vitamin C and B.

But have you ever heard that eating a lot of food can be dangerous in one day, but it is also a concept that eating more than 6 bananas can be caused by death, is it really correct?

As it is written above, Banana is one of the most popular fruits of the world, which is also very
beneficial for health, why do you think of some endangered people?

Indeed, many people believe that potassium in the banana is a part of which can cause death, namely 6 ninety-five potassium component body, which is enough to cause death.

So Potassium is so dangerous. In fact, it is very important for a life that is found in every cell of the body.

According to medical specialists, potassium helps to make an electric cry for the functioning of the cells; It also controls blood vessels in the movement of insulin emissions from the lungs, keeping the heart rate stable, and most importantly it controls the blood pressure.

On the other hand, heart failure is very random or less of potassium in the body, problems such as stomach pain, them and diabetes may occur.

As far as the nutrients are about to increase the amount of potassium, the experts say that it is impossible to get nails.

Indeed, a person will eat 400 bananas in a day to increase the movement of potassium by stopping the movement of the heart and it is not possible, so this fruit is not dangerous, but it is very beneficial for health.

How many bananas can one person eat in a day?

Adults are advised to make 3500 Mg Potassium component body daily, while in an average banana this quantity is 450 Mg, then a healthy person at one time can eat forty-seven bananas, after which the proposed range is completed It happens

But specialists use more potassium nutrients to be dangerous for patients with kidney disease, which does not work much more, it is not possible to use potassium in the
blood, which may prove to be known…

If nails are moderated and they are not eaten, there is no implicit effect, however, if too much quantity in a single time can cause a headache and drowsiness.

As it is sweet fruit, it does not take proper care of dental cleaning on more food, the risk of dental
depression and discomfort increases, while in this fruit the proper quantity is not protein or fat, so the
the body may lose nutrition.


Heart health Banana is good for the heart, due to which there is potassium contained in it and it is necessary for heart functions, as well as sodium or salts, so it also protects patients from high blood

This year, research revealed that Potassium contained in the banana is beneficial for the deadly and reduces the risk of accumulation or shrinking, which protects diseases like a heart attack or fluid.

Useful against depression too

The part of the Triptofeen present in the nail goes into the body and turns into serotonin, which gives a pleasant effect on the mood, as well as vitamins B, improves sleep while the
magnesium provides muscles to the muscles.

System hygiene and decrease in obesity

Protecting bananas due to fiber-rich, while Vitamins B-coin reduces obesity as well as helping to avoid diabetes type-to-be, as it causes natural sweets and the skin. That is why it helps to overcome the habit of running away.

How many bananas can one person eat in a day?


Physical energy rehabilitates and due to electrolytes, energy- providers are more efficient for people with bananas.


Not only carrots but bananas are also beneficial for improvement in deficit, this fruit contains less but significant amounts of vitamin A, which is the most important component of defecting Benz, it is
normal to keep healthy and healthy in the night. Improvement is the fruit.


Banana can be helpful for the strength of the bones, according to research, there is a part of fructooligosaccharides in a nail, which improves the ability to absorb body calcium by increasing the
the growth of bacteria beneficial for health.


Some evidence suggests that in moderation, eating this fruit can be protected from kidney cancer. One research was told that those who prefer fruits and vegetables prefer the risk of kidney cancer, up to 40 percent and bananas are most effective. Every week, four to six bananas are enough to reduce the risk of kidney cancer.


According to a study published in the Royal Society of the British Medical Society, potassium present in a banana can help the boys in pregnant women, during this research, 740 women were examined and found that more than the pre-pregnancy of potassium The chances of getting birth from boys are likely to increase.

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