How sleep best for Mental & Body Health

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You may have heard the number of people proud of low-Sleep habits as a lack of sleep can affect our brain and body. 

The Book Why We Sleep?

This book is potentially able to change your life And try to do a lot in a little time. According to that evidence that such people do not fulfill sleep. We can not ignore our body needs for a long time. It is a basic requirement to fulfill the sleep. If it is not considered, the result can lead to illness 

This article of Professor Matthew Walker  is about sleep and healthier lifestyle “Why We Sleep”

Millions of patients have come to know that sleep and age are directly related Less Sleep=Less age
So if you want to live more healthy and strong then get to complete sleep.

Sleeping is a prescription of self-esteem that does not cost anything, nor is it a bitter medicine that stirred humans to drink.
In fact, there are so many benefits of sleep that Professor Walker has begun to convince the doctors to suggest sleeping as a treatment.
There are lots of sleep benefits. There is no part of the body and body that is not affected by less sleep, but sleep should be natural. Because Sleep tablets can cause other diseases.

Impact of low sleep on mind and body.

Almost all diseases caused by death in developed countries are related to some shortage of sleep. These include Alzheimer’s or Alcoholism, Cancer, Diseases, Obesity, Diabetes, Depression, Diabetes and Anxiety. Sleep is essential for all body and mind actions to be performed correctly.
Because of our body repair brain damage in during sleep and gets awakened Fresh. If Repair is incomplete if the sleep is not complete. After 50-year-old scientific research, sleep experts say that the question is not “what is the benefit of sleep, but is it something that does not benefit from sleep?” No such thing has happened for which sleep is not found useful

How late Sleep is enough?

The short answer is 7 to 9 hours. Sleep, less than 7hour hours affects the body and immune system against the body and mental performance and diseases. The effect of awake continuously for 20 hours is similar to the human being, such as taking more than a legal limit for any drugs. A problem of sleep deficiency is that you do not immediately know the bad effects It is exactly as if a person in the drunkard understands himself perfect. But you know he is not well.

Why do not you sleep deeply?

During the last 100 years, there has been a clear decline in sleep in developed countries. Now people do not get too much sleep because of which they can not even dream. Even though dreaming is essential for our creative ability and mental health.
If the scientist feels the importance of sleep, but till now they have not tried to inform the public about it. Most people do not know of its importance, so they do not think much about it. Usually, we do more work and waste time in travel. We get out early in the morning and come home late in the evening. So we also want to spend time with family and friends. The result of these results in sleep loss

Tips for Good Sleep.

  • Get wake up every day at the same time
  • Lights off before sleep
  • Switch off Mobile or laptop
  • Keep temperatures up to 18 degrees Celsius 
  • if sleep did not come Do not take more than 20 minutes on the bed.

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