How to live Healthy Life

How to live Healthy Life

Who wants to be ill? 

Diseases Not only irritate the human, but it also empties the pockets. Due to this, your Behavior is different, you can not go to work or school, cannot do your job. There are some diseases that we can not avoid. Still, you can take some precautions that may reduce or likely to end up some diseases.
Come on, consider five ways you can improve your health by implementing it.

Hand washes well.

According to many health institutions, one of the best ways to prevent hand-washing and their spread diseases. Usually, people tend to be patient, cold, and flu because they clean the nose or eyes with dirty hands. The best way to avoid these diseases is that you often wash hands anytime in the day.

By applying hygiene principles, you can also avoid serious illnesses such as Pneumonia and Stomach pain etc. Every year more than 20 million children suffer from death due to such diseases, which are less than five years old.

In some cases, hand washing is very important  for example:

  • After using the tile 
  • After throwing the trash
  • After touching an animal 
  • Before and after a Dressing
  • After changing the Dipper
  • After stopping, coughing or nose clearing
  • Vegetables or Meat before Cutting, Cooking, Eating and Offering others.

How to live Healthy Life

Remember that washing hands do not mean that your hands are really clean. Research has shown that many people who use public tiles do not wash hands or if they wash, they do not wash properly.

Drink Clean Water.

In some countries, people work hard to get clean water. If the place is not clear from where water is coming or the water is not properly stored, then drinking such water can enter dangerous germs within you. In addition, you may have a bacterial disease of hepatitis, typhoid.

Every year, around 1 billion 70 million people are suffering from Dairy disease. One reason for this is drinking water.

Be careful about eating foods.

If you use greasy and sweet foods too much, you may suffer from obesity. So use water rather than drinking sweet drinks and use fruit instead of sweet dishes. Reduce meat, butter, cheeses, cakes, and biscuits. And using fat oil for cooking is better to use good oil.

Regular exercise.

Regular exercise should be done to stay healthy even if you have any age. Many people do not exercise so much today as much as they need.
Why is exercise so important?

Due to exercising.

  • Sleep is good 
  • Bones and muscles are strong. 
  • Weight is low or suitable.
  • The risk of depression remains low. 

Due to not exercising.

  • There may be heart disease. 
  • There may be diabetes. 
  • Blood pressure can increase. 
  • Cholesterol can increase.

Sleep Well.

As well as aging, the amount of our sleep also changes. Newborns sleep 16 to 18 hours a day; One to three years of child sleeps 14 hours and three or four years of sleep sleeps 11 or 12 hours. Children going to school require less than 10 hours, youngsters need about 9 or 10 hours, and adults sleep 7 to 8 hours sleep.

Sleep is important for

  • It is necessary for the development of children and youth.
  • New things are necessary to learn and remember.
  • It is important for heart health.
  • It is necessary to avoid diseases.

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