Is the insulin injection going to be past?

Is the insulin injection going to be past?

For decades, most of the diabetes patients have to use insulin injections to control their blood sugar
throughout the day.
But in the near future, a tablet will eliminate the need for injection. This came in a medical study in the US.

In a combined study of Burgaum and Women Hospital and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a capsule in which there is a small the needle that will contain completely frozen dry insulin, and after stirring into the water, it comes in a sparkling movement. Will help to make the needle stomach in the stomach.

Researchers say that this method would be less expensive than traditional and inexpensive injection.

Pancreatic diabetes cannot produce insulin or makes insufficient amounts of diabetes, it is the hormone that reduces the level of glucose from the cells present during the blood.

If not treated, diabetes can lead to serious medical complexity, such as kidney loss, impairment, diabetes, and fluid etc.

Now this new research has been discovered in the body that the body tolerance of fasting in the diet is very high. is part of the body that has more energy in relation to injection, and the Researchers in this regard developed capsules that were made of Pea’s grain volume, which forms a polymer, and has a slight amount of steel.

This was used to help a sugar disk to use Ninja Sui, which is attached to springs. When the patient cats capsules, the sugar disk moves the spiral into action. In this context, the research team made initial experiments on animals and managed to make 300 micro-gum insulin body parts.

In recent experiments, this amount was added to 5millimeters and this amount was so high that
patients generally diabetes. Now researchers are engaged in preparing bullet for human experiments together with a company and are looking forward to experiences in the next 3 years.

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