Major loss of Depression.

Depression or depression of life is a disease that makes it difficult for any person to live and may also, be different from physical Illnesses.

Depression also takes on brain pace too. This revelation came to light on the first human research.

Using a new schematic brain-diagnostic study in the United States University, the number of mental
connections in depression are weakening 10 years ago and over 40 years of age their brain is over Can be.
Simple words may result in depression due to depression in middle-aged memory, mental fog, difficulty speaking, and early signs of Alzheimer’s symptoms. Research suggests that women who suffer more depression than men, in which Alzheimer’s risk is more than three times higher than men.
Researchers further said that these results will help in preparing medicines to prevent mental illness from diseases. In this research, 10 volunteers were hired, but researchers are now planning to do it wisely.
Researchers were told that we did not know before that because this idea was not tested on humans. He said that now depression can also be considered as a sign of brain growth so that they can be avoided more serious.
There are billions of billions of nerves in the human brain, and each 10 thousand others are linked to neurons.
As there are experiences in life, they affect the mind, and the rise of neurons also becomes weak due to aging. The results of this research will be presented during a medical conference in the next few days.

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