Over Salt is Harmful

Over Salt is Harmful

Onions and lime juice are the best alternatives to salt. They are also used for mental health. of course, our body just needs a little bit of salt. Experts say that our body requires only two hundred twenty millimeters of salt daily.

It is enough to keep us alive and healthy, this amount is equal to the tenth part of a teaspoon. Medical experts claim that without this quantity the man seems to feel weak and sick, and if the salt is not used properly, the person will run weak. Even he will end.

But some people go beyond the limit in this matter, and they use excessive amounts of salt to six to ten times from the amount necessary for the body.

As a result, they suffer from diseases like ‘high blood pressure’ or ‘body fat, and many other diseases, and if prevention is not taken every time, their health risks serious Can be

What is salt?

Salt is a chemical mixture of a chemical algorithm for sodium chloride, while salt for a common people is a unique or white blur solid substance used to eat food and to save things.

The salt has been used from the earliest known periods of human history. In areas where there was a decline in salt, its size was very high. The English word is literally Salary (which means salary) Latin The word is derived from Solarium which means “soldiers given money to purchase salt.”

The main problem is how much salt we use daily. We do not devote too many ingredients that are already used in many foods that already exist sodium. But yet we cook salt while cooking. Use salt.

Why is the problem of salt?

According to its recent research, medical researchers have said salt is due to hypertension and some other diseases and complications. It can also be caused due to abortion and heart disease. The main
problem with salt is of metal called sodium, which contains 40 percent of the molecule weight weighs. It is no doubt that sodium human It is very important for the body. Our tissues swim in a snack sea What much salt is available in this ocean, the same amount of water is needed so that it can be solved and the proper concentration of sodium. To set up.

The sodium and the same as well as the value of the chloride cells outside the cells are the main causes of the balance of water and solved materials, all of the important physical benefits, including the verbal verb and verbal activity, are dependent on this balance.

If it is disrupted, the metabolism is almost stopped. We should know how salt affects our body and how it causes hypertension and how it results in health risks. The kidneys perform kidney disease in the normal body of sodium.

When the number of sodium increases, the kidneys are removed. Unlike this, the kidneys maintain the body when it is needed for sodium and it is inserted into the blood.

But when the kidneys fail to remove enough sodium, the sodium stops the water and increases blood volume and now more than one of the bloodshed and vessels have to pass through the blood due to which their walls But there is a lot of pressure, so blood pressure starts growing.

Furthermore, the heart has to do more work in order to pump the increased volume of blood, and it increases the pressure, so it is also affected by heart failure.

Avoid going too fast food restaurants in general. Almost all of them eat salt in excess of the amount of salt. Use food during the highway that has been used to reduce salt.

You can boil your own meal without your own in your hotel room. The real problem in abandoning excessive eating habits quickly is that eating food outside of the house when you have a pre-meal with salt, You will take too many salts to eat it, and some people sometimes The a value will be salty that they will not be eaten from them.

But you have to endure it all. It is very important to save your health from badly and to keep it completely safe. It should be very good to know that the amount of salt is for you. Poison may prove.

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