A Plank is one of the best bodyweight exercises for establishing maximum core strength. It works perfectly for both men and women.

It is a compound exercise that involves multiple muscle groups to function together at the same time.

You can get into a perfect plank position by leaning on the ground, facing your front body towards the floor.

Then lift your body from the center, maintaining constant stress on your core.

Do planks burn belly fat? Yes, being the best core exercise, it’s necessary for chubby men and women for burning belly fat or weight loss.

Plank is a popular basic exercise, and everyone from beginner to advanced level can perform it.

How to do a Plank in just 5 Easy Steps?

If you are new to bodyweight training and fitness, then we have a complete plank routine for you, like 30 days plank challenge for beginners.

You can follow that routine for experiencing dramatic results in your belly shape and size.

But before you get into that, you only need to know the steps for performing a Perfect Plank:

Step 1:

Lay down on the floor, same as the push-up position. However, the slight difference is that you need to put your forearms on the floor instead of your palms. 

Step 2:

Make sure to inline your elbow with your shoulder joint and your hips should be up, and your upper back should be parallel to the floor.

Your core will work against the force of gravity in lifting your body weight above the floor. That’s why make sure to keep your core tight.

Step 3:

Keep your feet joined together because this will make the exercise hard and more effective.

Although, if you are chubby men or women and can’t control your body weight, then you can set your feet apart and also can lean on your knees instead of your feet.

Step 4:

As a beginner, try to hold the plank position for a minimum of 20 seconds, and then progressively keep on increasing this time.

We have a complete routine for you to follow in our 30 days plank challenge for beginners.

How long you can hold this plank position determines your category from beginner to advance.

Step 5:

Always focus on your breathing. Inhale in through the nose and exhale through your mouth so that a rich amount of oxygen enters your body and muscles.

These steps are easy to follow and will help you to do a perfect plank within no time.

Now that you have understood how to do planks, let’s dive directly into the details and schedule of the plank challenge.

What is the 30 Day Plank Challenge?

The 30 Day Plank Challenge for Men and Women is a schedule that you need to follow to see promising results in your body.

We promise that once you go to our 30-day routine while doing planks perfectly, you’ll be able to see dramatic changes in your belly fat as well as your entire body.

This 30 Day Plank Challenge for Women and Men is scheduled in such a way that it feels comfortable for those beginners who haven’t been through any weight training or exercise in their life.

Down below is a complete chart that you need to follow to get all the benefits from this routine.

30 Days Plank Challenge Chart for Men and Women


How long you should be holding the plank position day by day is mentioned clearly. There is also a rest day almost every week.

Having a look at the 30 Day Plank Challenge Chart guide, we can see that on day one, the time is just 20 sec.

It doesn’t mean that after completing the plank one time for 20 seconds, you think that this is it! It means that you need to perform a 20 seconds plank 4 to 5 times while taking a break of 15 to 20 seconds in between every set. The same goes for the longer planks as well.

Does the 30 Day Plank Challenge Work? Yes, when you’ll follow the routine punctually, it will work for you even if you are a beginner or an advanced.

Always do the plank 4 to 5 times as described above. You can also check the reviews at the end of the article.

Those reviews are from those men and women, who went through this plank challenge. Use the same method while following the schedule of this chart guide.

28 Days Plank Challenge Chart for Men and Women


In this routine, it is quite clear that the time of holding the plank is the same. However, it a 28 Day Plank Challenge routine, and the rest day comes every sixth day instead of every week. 

You can go with any of the routines you feel comfortable to follow!

Variations to Standard Plank Posture (Burn Extra Fats Fast):

Variations are made to the standard plank for getting maximum results out of it within a short time.

But make sure that you understand the specific purpose that each variation has.

Variations in planks help you to lose weight faster as compared to regular planks.

Here are some variations in planks for beginner men and women that will work great for you at this level:

  • Side Plank
  • Spiderman Plank
  • Up-Down Plank
  • Plank Jacks

30 Day Plank Challenge Reviews

A lot of men and who were serious about losing their extra belly fats followed our 30 Day Plank Challenge Schedule, and here is what they felt after performing planks for 30 days:

  • This is perfect as I am on vacation and don’t have access to the gym and I’m mostly eating at restaurants.
  • Still doing this workout every AM. I can see my abs and lays. It works.
  • Damn, that’s my first time doing planks. I can definitely feel this is a good workout! I’ll be doing this more! Thank you for sharing. My favorite was the Up down Plan because it was so hard.

Hence, if you are tired of being overweight, then try out our 30 Days Plank Challenge for Men and Women, and let us know your honest opinion after going through this routine.

Plank Challenge before and after  


Now that you understand how to do a perfect plank, we recommend you to try our 28 Day or 30 Day Plank Challenge.

We assure you that you’ll feel a noticeable change in your body shape, abs, core strength, and stamina.

You can also check out the different variations of planks from the internet and can follow any of the plank variations that sound challenging to you. 

Start the 30 Day Plank routine from today and get a toned core with a balanced belly fat after a month. If you find this useful for you, do let us know in the comments section below. Thanks!

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