Risk of Cancer Reducing Foods

Cancer or cancer is no longer infected like past, but its treatment is very painful and long, but some foods work as the most important weapon against the war.

Risk of Cancer Reducing Foods

Every year on February 4, a day is celebrated as a global day to highlight people’s awareness of cancer so that everyone can struggle against the disease, which has increased to anxiously in recent years.

According to the recent statistics of the World Health The organization, one of the 5 male and 6 female women is suffering from this disease, in the same way, one of every 8 male and one of every 11 is killed due to cancer. Is.

Most of the cases of lungs and breast cancer worldwide occur most, after which the number of cancerous cancer comes, the fourth is the rectangular and the cancer of the stomach. In 2019, World Cancer Day’s time is ‘IM and OL, which means cancer patients express their commitment to express their determination to fight against the disease, even if the situation is not difficult.

The color of a diet is the best source of health benefits and fruits and vegetables of different colors prove to be your best allies in the fight against specific types of cancer.

Red foods

Fruits and vegetables of this color play an important role in the fight against leprosy and the elderly mercury, if women use half cup tomatoes for more than four or more times a week, their risk of mortal cancer is up to 50 percent. Gets reduced In addition, according to research from the US Department of the Food and Drug Administration, the use of tomatoes reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer, due to which the presence of antioxidant lactone found in this vegetable is present.

It is also found in red peppers and red berries in addition to tomatoes, it is helpful to use these items once a day in order to save them from this cancerous cancer. Similarly, red onion bastes and colonies are very useful for preventing all kinds of cancer.

Orange or orange nutrition

This color of fruits or vegetables protects from the cancer of the stomach and the mild, the pumpkin, the carrot, and the smell are also full of cancer cells to destroy cancer cells. Carrots and thanksgiving contain a yellow cake acid that slows the spread of breast cancer but also eliminates cancer cells on many occasions, using these items 3 times a week beneficial.

Yellow or yellow foods

These color nutrients are beneficial to protect from the stomach and nutritional cancer, are full of trash fruits such as grapefruit, lymph, papaya and orange vitamin C, which is such a powerful an antioxidant that is almost all kinds of It protects against cancer, especially for mouth, throat and stomach cancer. These fruits are also full of fluorides that prevent cells from spreading coconut, using these fruits at least 2 times a week is beneficial.

Green foods

Risk of Cancer Reducing Foods

The colors and fruits of this color are effective against the lungs, chest and cardiac cancer, have found evidence that the use of this color of vegetable, especially with the use of pitters, may cause lungs, stomach, breed, brave, and coronary cancer. Reduce the risk of being. These vegetables are full of ingredients that protect protection from cancer and they also contain vitamins that are beneficial for preventing diabetes which reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer. The use of these vegetables at least once a week is beneficial for cancer prevention.

Natural color nutrition

These provide protection from gastrointestinal, gastrointestinal and intestinal cancer, reduce the risk
of mammals, garlic, onions, and salts, etc., the that protects cancer. dos dysfunctional part of garlic is a great anti-oxidant Thus, the Polyethylene contained onion prevents the intestinal cancer cells, which women regularly use these items also reduce the risk of mortal cancer.

Mermaid vitamins are rich in diabetes, which protect from mortal cure cancer, it is beneficial to add these items at least 2 times in your diet for a week.

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