Story of Diabetes Patients about Diet effect.

A Story of Diabetes Patients about Food effect on diabetes.

Diabetic diet daily fist-like almonds, walnut, and pistachios foods can reduce the risk of diseases associated with blood vessels in those with diabetes type 2.

This came in new medical research in the US about Diabetes symptoms.

Harvard TNH Chen School of Public Health Research said that the buds are full of calcium, potassium, and magnesium with these corrected fatty acids, fibers, vitamin E and foliage, such as
cholesterol, diarrhea, and diabetic diseases. Help prevent stroke.
It is believed that the risk of cholesterol, diarrhea, and fluid in excess of diabetes type toxins is significant. Researchers said that before using the effects of almonds such as Alamand Nutroot, the effect of the formation of the heart disease of a type of diabetes type-to-patients was not reviewed.
During this study, more than 16,000 diabetes typed men and women were known about their nutritional habits.
Researchers said that diabetes patients have major causes caused by mortality and disability related to heart attack, fluid, and other diseases. The results of this research showed that daily fist foods help keep the health of these patient patients healthy and reduce the risk of death from serious diseases.
Researchers say that growing nutritional food at any age may be beneficial for health, whether you are suffering from diabetes or a good life, good health guarantees.
Research has been discovered in the study that the risk of diabetes decreases by 15 percent while blood vessels reduce death risk by 25%. The results of this research were published in the Medical Journal Journal Circulation.

Story Of Imran

Imran decided to take a regular walkout exercise for good health, but when he was awake, he could abandon the exercise due to severe cold and then it would start the chain when the weather was fixed. Problem with It was that he could not do any exercise at home.
During the whole season of the appetite that hungry seemed good, he would eat and drink sweets, cakes, pastries, biscuits, and then walk pedestrian 18 pounds Craving lt was not easy to start walking exercises again. It took time every year to become moderate, then fatigue was tired.
He thirsted a thirsty night in April. In one hour, he had a lot of copper drinks. It was not good at all.
He reached the third hospital, where he was tested and was diagnosed with diabetes.
For a week there were insulin vaccines daily, and when the level of blood sugar reached normal, it was allowed to go home after teaching it a self-diagnosis.
During the hospital, Imran continued to join the class held for patients of diabetes. This class describes food on food for diabetes patients. Thus it became known that which healthy and nutritious foods are which foods are also said to be aware that now what should be done in order to buy goods from the market.
The most important thing is that exercise is very effective in this regard, not only because it reduces the level of blood sugar, but due to this, the thirst becomes properly digestive and the body also I feel
When the weather got well, he started a walkout program from the next morning very seriously. Some rain had started, he would go through the umbrellas and return home for a walk of 35 minutes He now got a foot (Treadmill) He also bought it. If it was very bad then on the straps of this machine he ran for 35 minutes.
Apart from this, going to the office started walking distance of 2 miles. Its nutritional habits had changed.
Now he did not eat things made from the mud. Lunches, unhealthy bread, biscuit without hair, The yogurt became part of her usual diet. She had three meals in the day. He used to eat three meals after three hours. He used to eat a carrot and carries sweet food to eat food…
In the outside of the hotel, the lunch or cooked fish was cooked, and once the food was cooked, the dinner would eat very short and light but would have spent only on the salad or vegetable.
It was a routine that he used to eat fried fish, tears and potatoes with hobbies last night, but these things did not like him now. It was just because he had a consciousness of health.
One month after returning from the hospital, the result of this diet and normalization came out that it was no longer needed for insulin.
She did not even need it after months and the fat in her body began to decrease rapidly. His friends began to bribe her body, energy, and happiness. These were the first beds when she believed this it is possible that he is getting screaming, but sometimes it seems to be suspicious that he did not slowly reduce his weight.
Now Imran was feeling hungry and he used to eat a little more than usual, but still, he was not growing weight, while physical growth was increasing. He also bought dumplings to strengthen the muscles, namely, his body was solid.
One year after leaving the hospital, he weighed at 170 pounds. He reduced his weight of £74 and the blood sugar level was 100 when he was 290 a year ago. His physician was surprised too. Was not less than miracles.
He was giving it the result of the intention of the strongest power of Imran. Be sure that she is a new person now. Your son says Khud is a 61-year-old person. It will not be wrong. She takes good sleep. The work harder does not know, she does not know, she says, and can tell her wholeheartedly that diabetes Age is not in prison. This release can definitely be found. You too try! Free and humble.

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