Symptoms of Heart Attack 1 month before.

Symptoms of Heart Attack 1 month before.

Better after treatment, it is better to stop any disease before attacking and this simple principle
applies to every and every disease and when the case is of a hit-up, you are especially in particular for its procurement.

Should be aware.

Do you know your body starts warning about a month ago but also before?

Just need to understand these signs and signs and do not worry about it because creating awareness
about health does not harm anyone.

Learn about the symptoms here, which seem to point to the problems of heart several weeks ago.

Symptoms of Heart Attack 1 month before.


This is a sign that came to the victims of 70 percent of the hit-hit women several weeks ago,
to unusually physical fatigue, indicating Hart Atak and it may appear in both men and women.

 If this fatigue is not a result of physical or mental activity and increases at the end of the day,
attention should be focused on it.

Stomach pain.

In the events of 50% of Heart Attack, this sign came out a while ago, there is a lot of common symptoms, stomach pain, heart disease, stomach, or motion etc.,

stomach or stomach pain before some heart attack And then it seems to be restless, but it comes back after Some time.


This symbol seems more in women than men, as well, medical experts consider this sign as an increased risk of heart attack or fluid. It can be suspicious if there is an intense mental disorder and absence of mental brain due to not sleeping at night.

Sweat too much.

Unusual or too sweat is an early warning sign of Heartbreaking, which can come in front of the day or night at any time. This symbol usually appears in women, but they ignore it.

However, if there are symptoms similar to flu, despite the sticky or pleasant weather on the skin, sweating may occur.

Chest pain.

Chest pain in different men and women comes in a very intensely manner. This symbol in men
is one of the earliest major signs, which should not be ignored, whereas 30% of women’s events occur.

Chest pain should be referred to as a doctor if spreading in one or two hands (often in the left
hand), in the lower jaw, around, shoulder or stomach in extreme discomfort.


In 40 percent cases, this sign comes, that it is difficult to breathe and feel that it is not possible to breathe deeply, it is often more likely to occur in men and women than the Hart Atake 6 months ago, this usually is a warning sign.

The doctor should be referred to.

Symptoms of Heart Attack 1 month before.

Hair fall.

The rapid fall of hair is also a clear sign of the disease, generally, it appears more in men over fifty years but it appears in some women too.

Random heartbeat.

Symptoms of Heart Attack 1 month before.Infertility is often invaded with pancreatic and mental anxiety, especially in women, it is the sudden attack. If the rate of heart retardation persists for one and two minutes and it does not decrease, in

addition to the decrease in the speed of semen, feeling of fatigue and fatigue, it is a sign that the doctor should refer.

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