The easy version of the brain was saved from the disease

The easy version of the brain was saved from the disease

Do you want to save your brain from dangerous diseases?

So just make a habit to complete sleep.

This has emerged in a new American medical research. The study of the Washington University School of Medicine states that the lack of sleep accelerates the process of collecting poisonous poisoning in the brain that causes mental drainage dementia. There is a connection between one night’s bad sleep and Alzheimer’s disease, but until now it was not known why the shortage of sleep causes the disease.

In this new research, humans and mice were discovered that sleep deficiency increased the level
of protein causing Alzheimer’s.

The easy version of the brain was saved from the diseaseResearchers discovered in mice experiments that unconsciously accelerate the spread of the
poisonous gathering of the protein. According to a study are published in the journal of
Journal, a short sleep of sleep can help maintain mental health. The researchers said the results found that the shortage of sleep can lead to the rapid spread of the brain.

He said that we knew that there is a connection between sleep problems and Alzheimer’s, but this
research suggests that the effect of sleeping infected causes ammonoids beta as well as the protein
called Tao, which may lead to Alzheimer’s disease…

According to the research, the human brain needs time to get out of the stress of day-long as it gets
during sleep. This tao protein is usually present in the brain and is also in healthy people, but in certain circumstances, its gathering starts to affect mental functions. it is believed that Alzheimer’s treatment could not be reached yet, but it could be used to control it.

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