The role of Mind in Mental Pressures

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For a person with a common mental-quality, it is a rare order to make a scientific fact that how to see the love of his wife in his own body, what kind of chemical changes occur in his body. When he himself did not feel anything of a natural passion. 
But scientists say that any type of passion and anthroponosis can initiate many kinds of activities in the body, and by emotional condition, the human brain can produce more than 50 chemical compounds, called neuropeptides. 
Its most obvious and unique example is that of the Rhythm, the chemical mixture in the mind is prepared to relieve the body after working hard and after exercise, which has many characteristics of Sleeping pills medication. In the body of athletes in the runners, the combination of this mixture is found more.

But the question arises in relation to mental stress and diseases.
How does the disease affect the condition of health?

Why is this process between the human mind and the body affecting the internal immune System, and how it affects the diseases?
Experts respond to the questions that small germs and cereal health elements remain in the human body permanently. If these elements are allowed to be freely circulated with blood, the body should be a permanent spectacle of illnesses.

Therefore, power has set a protective system inside them in the body The white blood cells in the brain and body play an important role. Both of them stop the path of hazardous health elements with their own hands, destroy them and then help to take them out of the body.
Think that as soon as any evil in the body enters with dangerous intent, the alarm protection of the body starts flowing and the brain gets an instantaneous notice that a discharged car is ready to protect the place.

Therefore, it should be done immediately.
In response to this notice, the mind sends orders related to the relevant gadgets. After which he removes chemical glands and reduces the destructive death to death. All this is the need for moments
But as well as the basis for life and health. In the case of mental stress and distress, the notice of the presence of the brain’s health factor in the body has been late for a long time, after which it is time to take action, and during that period the evil person gets his job done.
That is why the body prepares for the disease. In addition, in the state of mental pressures, the chemical compounds of any information and purpose are automatically exposed to the brain. Those who are gradually gathering in the body and the body becomes accustomed after a short period of time.
In such a situation, if a hazardous health factor enters the body, then the brain will provide the desired mixture immediately, but the body will not be able to take part in the immune process and the hazardous health element is not free with blood. Will rotate
But in both cases, the immune process against the disease in the body is almost impossible, and the ratio of illness increases.

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