The Stomach insects and the ways of salvation

The Stomach insects and the ways of salvation

Stomach insects are a common disease that often occurs in children, but may also suffer from large.

There may be many reasons for stomach insects such as raw meat meal, drinking water contaminated soil, water, waste, or such material as being on the body and not taking care of the cleaning.

Some specific elements in this context increase the risk of insects that are as follows:

Age: Children and elderly people have a high risk of insects due to their weak body immune system.


often its symptoms are that people do not even pay attention, or are unable to recognize them, but usually the following symptoms a visible.

Hungry all the time.

Joints or swelling

Memory Issues

Breath problems

Irritation, especially around mouth, nose, and stomach. din gums.

Early diseases such as ulcer, wound, channel etc.

Bridge mode change

A headache.

he desires to eat ends.

Food Allergy

Greed and sweet dishes

Allergic problems at all times.

Deficiency of blood.

What is the treatment?

1f these signs regard, but it is better to prefer the doctor, but in this case, some household breaks are recorded. Are below visible, first approaching a doctor is the best strategy, domestic breaks can be tried in this

Fresh garlic

Ginger is one of the best things to get out of such insects if the ginger’s taste looks bitter, remove its strain or grind it, start with a piece and increase gradual quantity.

Seed seeds

The seeds of the diet can also be effective for removing tape-worm from nutritional gaps, the effect of the seeds protects them from insect insects and protects them from tape-worms. Grind these
seeds and use a teaspoon daily.

Apple vinegar

Apple syrup can bring the proportion of hydrogen to the normal, while stomach insects can restore the health, use a metal spoon to make a glass of apple syrup in hot water and then add honey to it.
Take it Drinking a drink twice a time can help you get results more quickly

Coconut oil

Drink a dye of pure coconut oil or add it to your foods, in addition to this you can dry coconut and process the abdominal stomach. Using this oil or coconut once a day improves skin condition.

Castor oil

The Stomach insects and the ways of salvationMix a dough of pure castor oil in a cup of hot water and drink
comfortably. This beverage can help endangered daily stomach
insects for a few days because the castor oil is characterized by
live blasting, which forced poisonous ingredients and insects to get
out of the intestine.

Turmeric Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of hot milk, mix it well and then drink it. Use this drink every day or twice for a few days, the ingredient in turmeric helps to stomach the insects from the body.


The seeds of papaya are also beneficial for stomach insect that also improve systems. To use them, take a meal of a spoon of papaya seeds, half cup papaya and one cup of coconut milk. Put these things in the blender and grind it and use this mixture.


Ginger system is considered best for digestion and it can help to reduce tumor insects such as round-
worms and other, take one to 2-inch coffin ginger and put it in a cup of water. After adding it to a pot,
boil for 5 minutes. After that, let’s get some cool and drink half. Make drinks 3 to 4 times a habit
of drinking.


Curd sugar increases the intestine temperature and increases the insect, it improves the insect
emissions by improving the skin. Mix a half- teaspoon curd powder well in a glass of hot water, add honey to taste and drink it. Making it a habit of drinking at least 3 times a day for some days can
help save this problem.

Note: This article is for general information.
Readers also consult your physician in this regard.

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