This common habit responsible for Hearing power.

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Today the use of smartphones is very common and the use of more and more audio and other audio devices, as a result of more than one billion people face the threat of power failure.

This common habit responsible for Hearing power.

The World Health Organization said in its new recommendations, which suggested tips on the quality of a safe level in devices. The World Health Organization and the International Telecommunication Union released international standards regarding device-making companies and audio devices.

The World Institute said that more than 10 billion people from the 12 to 35-year-old people are in danger of listening to loud music or loud listening.
The World Health Organization said that the world already has information about technology how to save power from depriving of power.
He said that many young people are listening to music in loud voices through airphones and they should understand that once the sensation of listening is over, they will not return.
At present, more than 46 million people are missing power supply around the world, but the world’s organization said it was not clear that many of which resulted in the loss of audio devices. Earlier, a New York University research was told that Airphones could cause loss of listening to listening.
According to research, when earphones are applied, they are very close to ear curtains and their voice is too loud. Screenshots It is said in research that the sensitivity of listening is a matter of stress or
stress and it starts to harm.
it also came to know that the sound intensity increases twice as much as the sound range is I increased from 3 to 6 dc. Researchers believe that the use of e-erosion utilizes 60% of the ability to bear their daily sound in just one hour.
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