Are you a woman who has just crossed 50’s and is now more conscious to stay fit and healthy? Or are you afraid that your life forward would be just painful and filled with old age health issues? 

To get answers to your fearful queries, we recommend you to go through our page, where you can find your ideal height and weight that is in accordance with your age and gender.

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Average Height & Weight Chart for Senior Females

Average Height & Weight Chart for Seniors Females by age in kg

Average Height to Weight for Senior Women’s

50 years71.4 kg (157.4 Ib)5.3 feet (161.5 cm)
51 years71.5 kg (158.2 Ib)5.4 feet (164.5 cm)
52 years71.9 kg (158.7 Ib)5.4 feet (164.8 cm)
53 years72.6 kg (159.6 Ib)5.5 feet (167.6 cm)
54 years73.1 kg (160.1 Ib)5.5 feet (167.6 cm)
55 years73.4 kg (160.4 Ib)5.5 feet (167.6 cm)
56 years74.2 kg (161.2 Ib)5.5 feet (167.6 cm)
57 years74.9 kg (161.6 Ib)5.5 feet (167.6 cm)
58 years75.1 kg (161.7 Ib)5.5 feet (167.6 cm)
59 years75.3 kg (161.9 Ib)5.5 feet (167.6 cm)
60 years75.8 kg (163.1 Ib)5.5 feet (167.6 cm)
61 years76.2 kg (163.4 Ib)5.5 feet (167.6 cm)
62 years76.6 kg (163.7 Ib)5.5 feet (167.6 cm)
63 years77.0 kg (164.4 Ib)5.6 feet (170.6 cm)
64 years77.9 kg (164.7 Ib)5.6 feet (170.6 cm)

Junior Females and Their Health Attitude

Most of our 20’s and 30’s are spent in the frenzy of looking good and staying slim, the health requirements are often ignored and disregarded.

Nobody cares about good health, we mostly crave the body that ‘looks’ perfect. 

Even if you’re a senior female now, in the ’50s or ’60s, it still isn’t too late to care for yourself.

Reach your ideal weight that is not only according to your age but also, is required for a healthy body.

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Senior Females and Their Health

As a woman age, there are so many changes that occur in their bodies. To achieve a healthy body, one must remember they shouldn’t settle for less to grab a healthy lifestyle.

It is just not a matter of a few weeks or months to stay fit and healthy; rather the whole lifestyle should be reflective of your good health. 

How to Stay Healthy?

Staying healthy requires quite a few things. A balanced diet and a daily exercise/physical activity regimen are the absolute necessity.

Choose healthy foods that boost your metabolism and gives you energy.

How to add a balance to your diet?

Down there are few tips for senior females that will help them achieve a balance in their diet:

  • Avoid fried foods as they just add in more fat-content to your fatty cells and tissues.
  • You can choose grilled or broiled food as an alternative to fried foods. 
  • Avoid sugary foods, even juices if they contain sugars. Take healthy juices if you want. 
  • Always remember to drink enough fluids, be it organic juices or water. 
  • Choose high-fiber foods over other kinds, like whole-grain cereals and fruits/green vegetables. 
  • Added calcium and vitamin D in your diet are very necessary to keep your bones strong as you grow older. 
  • Do not forget to add seafood once in a while to your diet for much-needed minerals and vitamins. 
  • The same goes for adding nuts and dry fruits. Eat a supple amount of nuts to your routine to ensure a healthy body. 
  • Nuts and meats contain high protein content which is essential. 
  • Avoid artificial foods or foods with added artificial flavors and colors as they can prove to be harmful to your health. 

Physical Activity- an All in One Solution for Ever-Increasing weight of Senior Females

Add some physical activity to your routine so that your body retains good shape and fastens the metabolism.

This will also help you cope with the ever-increasing weight of your, with the day-by-day increasing age.

Physical activity may even help you with joint issues and sleep problems. Maintaining a good physical regimen is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle does not limits to a good diet and exercise, staying connected with the ones you love and staying happy, and contented with your life is also important.


Keep experiencing new things, talk to your friends and family, and stay genuinely happy with what you have got and what you do- AGE DOESN’T MATTERS!

There’s no specific formula for having a balanced weight and healthy body but definitely, there are tips that are applicable to achieve that. Choosing to stay healthy is your first step towards a pain-free, happy life.


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