What Artificial sweetener Healthier

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What Artificial sweetener Healthier

Artificial sweet more than sugar or sweetener in any way healthy or not useful, but it can be harmful for Our.

It came in medical research in Germany. Effects of artificial sweeteners on the body.

Note that in the current time, using the popular sweet synthetic and people think it an adjunct, and
it is possible to avoid diabetes.

But no such evidence, according to the researchers found that compared to healthy can the sugar as

Freiberg medical university research reports that 56 of the past during the analysis of the use of
the sweet or artificial sugar foods know of weight, blood sugar, or what the health effects are.

Results that compared to weight, blood sugar and other sweet artificial sugar have no significant
impact on the blood.

Researchers have found that people who lose weight artificial compared to the strong Chinese a priority, while blood sugar levels, as well as less, are extremely minor impact, but declared the evidence weak.

What Artificial sweetener HealthierHe also said there is no evidence of medical benefits from the use of sweetener found.

Other medical experts say that these findings are not surprising because it already had come to know
that artificial sweet no magic pill that could prevent an adjunct.

The team included in the study said more research is needed for a long period of time.

The results of this research were published in the medical journal British medical journal.

What Artificial sweetener Healthier than Sugar and Study the Effects of artificial sweeteners on the body.

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