What one Apple

what one apple

The latest research shows that eating an apple daily reduces the risk of heart attack, daily apple food is being used to use daily cholesterol-reducing medicines. Apple is also the world’s famous fruit. Children, Oldman, patients all eat it well.

These fruits are digestive and many benefits, Medical experts tell that eating a three apple and Milk in breakfast, becomes healthy in a month. Nutrients contained in the apple also provide power to the brain.
Furthermore, it has a large amount of increases brain strength very quickly. If the use of apple the heart removes panic and man feels strong. Heart patients should eat their apples daily part of their diet. An American study found that every 50-year-old person could eat an apple daily if he could avoid stroke and heart attack.
According to Oxford University’s researchers, more than fifty years old people who add an apple daily to their food, they get the benefits from a daily tablet losing tablet. Apple has strengthened heart health in the same way as commonly reducing cholesterol.

The difference is that there are adverse effects of medicines, not fruits. It is said that five parts of each person’s daily diet should be based on fruits and vegetables. Scientists have calculated that if each aged person gets a daily diet of fruits and vegetable. 
For Example: Eating an apple in one day, the danger of heart attack and fluid can decrease by 12 percent. Additionally, if someone is already eating an apple daily, then it can get twelve percent additional protection after starting another apple. 
The more the food and vegetable they eat, the more they are against these diseases. Gets protection. Another medical review has been given the good news that eating daily apples can improve the heart health of aged people only in just one month. 
This review was observed that those who had eaten an apple daily for four weeks, “bloody” LDL cholesterol levels decreased forty percent. “Bad” cholesterol is made hardens the vines and heart. Research suggests that apples contain antioxidant and a chemical component fluoride. The risk of heart and stroke can be greatly reduced due to the eating of the apple. 
what one apple
One of the anti-oxidant ingredients found in the apples is one of the “polyphenols” that the medicines are prepared. So the type of capsule utility is less than apple food. Experts said anti-audit ingredients also contain other spices such as compounds, turmeric, green tea, and tomato juices, but apple is more efficient.

Protect cholesterol level.

The ingredients found in the apple “pectin” reduces the amount of cholesterol in the human body. According to research, apples also contribute to reducing weight.
Most vitamins, minerals and other nutrients contained in the apple are found in the peel. For this reason, eat apple always with the peel.

The apple peel contains vitamin A and C.

Minerals such as calcium, potassium, and phosphorus are also found in Peel. It also keeps nutritious fiber called Pectin. The pectin reduces cholesterol levels in our blood but also does not let the sugar level out of control.

Weakness and obesity treatment.

what one appleIf the body of a person is very thin or weak and cheap, then cut a sweet apple on a daily basis and make it pieces and cover it with a cloth or attached to the open sky.
Have breakfast with the same apple in the morning. Only a month will appear to be furry, healthy, and smart.

Professor Moore of the Hydra-Burg University West Germany says that by using apples many diseases are far away.T he apples are especially beneficial for many childhood diseases. Acne consumes a new force in the body by eating apples. 
Due to the presence of phosphorus, this fruit is a very good diet. Intensifies efficiency. Greek doctors also recognize the importance of apple.T he apples of apples for abusive heart and weakness often is used. Due to the presence of phosphorus and fluorphia, this fruit is a very good diet. Intensifies efficiency. Greek doctors also recognize the importance of apple.

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